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Betterliving has been in business for over 60 years. The home office is located north of Philadelphia in Souderton, Pa. The home office includes a 214,000 square foot manufacturing facility. All Betterliving installers are certified factory trained. Betterliving is an innovator in the sunroom industry.

Features include:

Engineered floor channel; Structural corner post; UL electrical raceway system; Engineered adjustable header;, Heavy gauged A frame (ridge) support beam; Integrated gutter system; Steel, lubricated, ball bearing, zinc coated, adjustable wheels for doors and windows; Tempered safety glass; Interlocking window and door frames; Heavy gauged screen frames. Betterliving of the Carolinas offers personalized local service with BIG COMPANY support. Betterliving of the Carolinas is a place where talent meets passion and quality is a sure thing.

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Greenville Sunrooms: An Introduction

Sunrooms have long been a traditional part of many American homes. Initially they were screened enclosures surrounding the patio or porch of a home so that family members and friends could gather and enjoy the outdoors without worrying about mosquitoes or weather interfering in the visit. Enclosed sunrooms were only used as rooms during the summer months where children or visitors could sleep and get away from the heat in the house.

In the mid-1980s, sunrooms became very popular, and homeowners were designing new and innovative uses for them. A need for professional and standardized installation began to grow. Today a Greenville Sunrooms company has developed designs that will provide you with the sunroom that can be used as an informal gathering place or as a formal addition to your home that you can use all year round.

Greenville Sunrooms: Styles of Sunrooms

There are many types of sunrooms available and a professional Greenville Sunrooms company will make sure that the choices you make will meet all of your needs. Sunrooms are often constructed on already existing patios. In some cases the Greenville Sunrooms contractor will need to lay a foundation to support the sunroom that you select.

If your home's roofline extends over your porch or patio, it's possible to install a sunroom with full or partial glass walls. A Greenville Sunrooms company can construct your sunroom using special glass that will not absorb the heat of the sun. The company can also help you control light and privacy with window coverings which they can provide.

A skilled Greenville Sunrooms expert can also assist you in deciding whether you prefer a three or four season sunroom. Your intended purpose, as well as your budget, will affect the construction of your sunroom. The staff at your local Greenville Sunrooms company can provide you with many different types of sunrooms and you’re sure to find one that will suit your tastes and style of your home.

Greenville Sunrooms: The Many Great uses of a Sunroom

Some people create a sunroom for a specific purpose. If you love plants, you may want to create a sort of greenhouse to raise indoor plants. You can have your own bit of tropical paradise all year long. The professionals at a Greenville Sunrooms will help you to achieve your goal by designing a room that is insulated and has plenty of windows and light streaming in year round. In addition they can include skylights in the design that will bring in additional light if needed.

You may want to add some space as a gathering place for friends and family and a sunroom can create a cozy area that expands the square footage of your home. The experts at your Greenville Sunrooms company will make sure your sunroom matches the architectural style and design elements of the rest of your home. By designing areas within the room for comfortable relaxation and warmth, you can create an extra living space that will provide your guests with the beauty of both your home and your yard.

If you're an artist, perhaps you've considered working with your Greenville Sunrooms company expert to design the perfect studio. Sunrooms can be places of serenity and calm, where natural daylight provides the perfect light source. In addition, your sunroom studio can be built with an area that is designed to showcase your art and provide your guests with a comfortable area to view your work.

The contractors from your Greenville Sunrooms company will provide you with the best possible design, based on your primary use for your sunroom. A professional Greenville Sunrooms company contractor can design your sunroom for year-round use, and even implement light sources to provide the best visibility during inclement weather.

Greenville Sunrooms Company: Attentive to the Details

There are many details that must be included when building a sunroom to make it a part of your home. In some states there are building regulations and permits that must be obtained for construction. In other states there are weather conditions that must be addressed to make the sunroom study and stable. In addition to designing a perfect sunroom, a professional Greenville Sunrooms company also can make sure that your sunroom has electrical and water supply where needed. The Greenville Sunrooms contractor will make sure that your heating and cooling systems are extended to you new sunroom or they can install separate units specifically for the space. If you wished, you could even install a free-standing fireplace in your sunroom.

The ideal sunroom will offer a design flexible enough to suit your primary purpose for adding on a sunroom, accommodate alternate purposes you may choose in the future, and provide you with additional space in your home. Your sunroom should be comfortable year-round, and offer a pleasant place from which to view the scenery outdoors without venturing into the weather. The experts at a Greenville Sunrooms are dedicated to making sure that your sunroom will provide you with years of service and be able to evolve with your needs.

Your Greenville Sunrooms contractor will be available following construction of your sunroom to assist your with any needs that arise. They can provide you with mechanical or manual shades for the glass portions of your sunroom or answer any questions you may have on maintaining the structure of your sunroom.

A sunroom drastically enhances the appearance of a home and can be put to many uses. Call a professional Greenville Sunrooms company today to get started on your new sunroom design.

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